According to a recent estimate, there are more than 1.3 million electronic cigarette consumers in Britain. Even more striking is the fact that just the last year the number for the same was 700,000. It is apparent therefore that people are waking up to the potentials of e-cigarette. Now, as an e-cigarette company, we are not surprised. We have always maintained that e cigs are the most viable alternative to real cigarettes and no other product can match the potential and quality of the wonderful invention of e cigarette.

We are committed to make more people transfer to e cigarettes, but we also understand that people will only do that when the products we offer them will be able to match the taste of cigarettes and pleasures of cigarette smoking. Towards that aim, our dedicated and talented team of engineers is working all the time and they try to make use of the continuously developing technology to make the e-cig experience increasingly more pleasurable to its patrons.

Right now, we have many different flavors in offer. Just as you get to choose among different brands and names of cigarettes, in the same manner, you can now make your pick among our various different flavored cartridges. We will say the choice is even greater than that of real cigarettes and we are still at the start of the journey!

Currently, our e cig device is made up of three different components. There is an atomizer, a lithium rechargeable battery and a nicotine-filled cartridge. The battery is available in different mAh units. The life span and the capacity of the battery will depend on the size of the battery. In e cigarettes, you inhale a water based vapor which is produced by heating the nicotine liquid. Now, the component which performs this heating act is the atomizer. The coil inside the atomizer gets heated up by charge from the battery. The mouthpiece of the device that you insert into the atomizer and that contains the fluid is called the cartridge. One cartridge will roughly last the period of twenty packs of cigarettes. When a cartridge gets empty, you can either buy and fit a new cartridge to the device or you can refill the cartridge with our efluid product.

Sounds kind of different from cigarettes? Well, you will be surprised to find the actual similarity in the taste and sensations. Not for nothing those 1.3 million people have made the switch to the e version, right? Now, also consider the benefits. With eletronic cigarettes, there will be no more stain on the teeth, or yellowed fingers, or blackened lips, or smoke smells. Rather the odorless vapor of our products will create a freshness around you that you will come to enjoy. E-cigarettes are also available in different colors, sizes and patterns. So, you get a greater chance to personalize and can even make your e cig a style statement. But, of course, there are more important benefits. The biggest is that you run no health hazards by using electronic cigarettes. Yes, you will still be inhaling nicotine. But studies show that nicotine poses no threat to your lungs or heart. What is most harmful in cigarette is the burn or the smoke. But there will be no smoke in case of e cigs. Finally, you will get to save a lot of money by switching to the e products. So, with all these benefits in place, what are you waiting for?